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Naval Wargaming - Warship Mod 3.0 For Silent Hunter 3

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Starting screen of Warship mod
Silent Hunter 3 Warship mod 3.0 is a modification for Silent Hunter 3, where you can take control of some of the ships in the game (you could say it's a free battleship simulator game). It was developed by Chinese U-47, if you want, you can check out his other work at the Subsim forum. If you’re looking for something new to do with your copy of Silent Hunter 3, this is definitely something you should do.
The mod has 3 packs and in each pack there are 3 different ships, I’m quite sure they are all German ships. Some examples of the ships you can use are: the aircraft carrier ‘Graf Zeppelin’, the light cruiser ‘Leipzig’, just to name a few. I’ve been playing around a bit with one pack, and can really say that this modification is pretty fun and different! The interface of the game stays the same as in the ‘normal’ Silent Hunter version (aka when playing without the mod). Commanding the ship is really easy, just choose your speed and adjust your rudder, just like you would do normally. When you click on the periscope icon on the left, you go directly to the view you would get when you would be playing without the mod, so even if you’re sailing with a ship, the same interface will always appear. The only thing that has changed is that when you click on the bridge icon, you actually end up on the bridge of your ship, with a sailor behind you steering the ship and the binoculars in front of you. Most of the commands on the left are practically unusable, pretty logic because I don’t think you want to go diving with your ship (although it sometimes happened that I could).

battleship simulator, shooting battleship
Shooting at those nasty destroyers

NOTE: If you just installed the mod and you’re asking yourself why the guns aren’t moving be sure to put some men on the deck gun in the crew interface.

I’ve played the career mode with this mod and came to the conclusion that the aim of some of the enemy ships is really really bad. Only when they came close enough (say between 500 and 1000 meters) were the destroyers able to hit me, but at the time they got close enough they were already burning and ready to sink. The only time I was actually worried is after having raided Hartlepool with ease, I went to Firth of Forth that was right next to it. While entering the bay didn’t find too much resistance, maybe two destroyers, but then I saw the coastal batteries, thinking they would also shoot to the stars (it was night time) I went straight ahead in direction of the port. Boy was I wrong, I really took a beating there, everything was flooded fortunately the crew could repair the damage. When advancing further into the bay I saw another line of coastal batteries, so I decided it was best to turn back as fast as possible. There wasn’t anything special in the port except for some lousy merchants that were not worth my time. Came out of the bay safe and sound, saved the game first, and headed straight back to Wilhelmshaven put the time accelerator on 1024 and was going home. Unfortunately my plotting skills were a bit rusty and I ran ashore not far from the harbour. To my surprise I couldn’t load up my save game! All I can say is that it was fun until it lasted!

battleship simulation, naval games, naval warfare pc
Majestically sailing to Hell

Little tutorial on how to install the warship mod 3.0:

1.      Have Silent Hunter 3 patched to version 1.4b

2.       Download WSM3.0SH3V1.4 to your desktop, there’s also a version if you have GWX installed

3.       Copy everything that’s inside WSM3.0SH3V1.4 (JGSME.exe, readme, MODS) to your Silent Hunter directory

4.       Start JGSME.exe, normally you should see WSM3.0 activate it, by putting it to the right, close JGSME.exe

5.       Reopen JGSME.exe and you should see Ge I, Ge II and Ge III, enable only one of these three and start the game enjoy!

 (didn't have any problems installing this mod, but be careful for your save games!)

Feel free to like, share and leave comments about other mods/naval games you found worth playing!

battleship simulator, naval strategy game, naval war
Very deadly encounter


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