Saturday, 10 November 2012

Battleship Game For Pc - Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

After PT-boats: Knights of the Sea, I would like to talk about another naval strategy game, namely Battlestations: Pacific. Like most battleship simulator games, it's set in World War 2, more specifically in the Pacific (duh). Yes, you could compare it to Pacific Storm, although it lacks the deeper game play of Pacific Storm.

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So Battlestations: Pacific is the successor of Battlestations: Midway, which had a great success on the PC, but also on the consoles (Xbox for example). Battlestations is one of those naval games, that has known a little more public attention, then most other naval games. The concept is the same as in Pacific Storm, you can control anything you want on the battlemap (ships, planes, submarines, PT-boats you name it). Each unit has its strenghts and weaknesses and it's your duty to inflict as much enemy casualties as possible.

In Battlestations: Pacific, you'll get the chance to control the mighty Japanese Imperial Fleet. The game is set in a fictitious scenario, where after the destruction of Pearl Harbor, you have the expand Japanese supremacy over the Pacific (Japanese campaign). The game focuses a lot on missions, unlike Pacific Storm where you have total freedom, some examples of missions are The Battle of Okinawa (US) or the Invasion of Hawaï (Japan). So in some missions you'll only be able to control a single airplane, in others you'll be able to control various units, from ships to planes. Each campaign (US vs Japanese) has about 14 missions, so 28 in total, and they have great replayability rate, because you can always choose different ways to tackle a mission. On top of the single player missions you'll have the chance the play on 8 multiplayer maps and if you get the Volcano and Carrier Map pack you'll have 6 new maps to play on. The multiplayer aspect of the game, is really one of the best aspects of the game.

Naval strategy games, Battleship pc game, battleship simulator games

Eidos Hungary did a great job in developing this game, it's a great mix between a flight combat simulation and a battleship pc game. The game does feel a bit arcady, but the graphics really make up for it. It's definitely a game you should add to your collection of battleship simulator games.

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