Friday, 16 November 2012

Free Download Naval War Game - World Of Warships is a rather popular development studio, that is based in Belarus. They are most known for their real-time strategy game named Order of War which was released back in 2009. They then went on to develop Massive multiplayer online games, like World Of Tanks and later on World of Warplanes. Both MMO's were received with open arms by the internet community. World of Tanks even broke a Guinness World Record, having the most players online simultaneously.

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Now, what does this have to do with naval simulation games? Well, is developing a new free download naval! war game, which is called World Of Warships. The game is still in development, but it really sounds promising.

The game immerses, the player in 20th century naval warfare. You'll get to command various types of vessels: carriers, destroyers, battlecruisers. It will probably be like in the previous MMO's, with each ship having their own strengths and weaknesses (like in real life). The developers are talking about joining the three MMO's together. This means that you'll be able to transfer your economies between each game. There will also be a global map which will gather tank men, mariners and airmen fighting for world domination.

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