Sunday, 4 November 2012

Check Out This Naval Warfare Game! PT Boats!

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PT-Boat and cruiser

If you're not really into Pacific Storm or Arctic Circle, because you don't like to manage a whole fleet/army, then PT Boats Knights Of the Sea is a valuable alternative. It's another type of naval warfare game, not really comparable to the previous games I talked about before.

In PT Boats Knighs Of The Sea, you don't have the control over a whole fleet, you just have the control over a small PT boat (PT, standing for Patrol Torpedo). Your mission is to escort friendly merchants or war ships, and protect them from enemy plane or ship attacks. PT boats weren't only used for escorting duties, thanks to their maneuvarability and speed, they were also very effective in attacking enemy ships, often using guerilla tactics. In PT boats you have the possibility to choose from 3 factions namely Great-Britain, Germany or Russia, with action taking place in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean (in the South Gambit - stand alone!).

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In the game you have the possibility to man the different positions on the PT-boat, from the gun-emplacement, to attack enemy vessels, to the AA-gun, to shoot down enemy planes. PT-boats Knights Of The Sea is a great naval warfare game, but the missions in the game can be bit confusing, sometimes you don't really know what to do in certain missions. But nonetheless, it's a great game with real decent graphics, which is pretty rare for a naval warfare game.

If you want to fight in the Mediterranean with your PT-boat you need to get PT-Boat: South Gambit self standing add-on! This standalone add-on has enhanced graphics, and new units have been added to the game (new ships, planes, PT-boats, ...)

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